Offers residents plenty of things to do, you still get the quaint, calm feel of a small-town neighborhood.

Welcome to Ankeny

A family orientated and growing community with great schools


The city of Ankeny is located just outside of Des Moines and is one of the most populated suburbs in the region. With a population of just under 68,000, Ankeny ranks as the state's seventh-largest city. While a population of this size offers residents plenty of things to do, you still get the quaint, calm feel of a small-town neighborhood.


As you drive through the streets of Ankeny, you'll be greeted with picture-perfect suburban homes with plenty of space to run around in. This environment makes it appealing for young families and professionals alike. There is a nice selection of residential spaces allowing home buyers to find a home that meets their requirements and personal needs. Along with single-family homes, there are townhomes available as well. Because this is a growing community, the area has seen quite a bit of development over the past couple of years that will continue into the near future.


What to Love

  • 10-minute drive to downtown Des Moines
  • Great school district 
  • Lush greenery surrounds the neighborhood

Local Lifestyle

The local lifestyle in Ankeny is one that's relaxed, comfortable, and in tune with the outdoors. With a great school district serving the area, families with children will appreciate the amenities, community services, and activities available for children of all ages. Because Des Moines is just a short drive away, Ankeny has become a popular hub for young professionals who want to be close to city life but are looking for a quieter place to live.


Residents in Ankeny appreciate the access to the outdoors as well. The many parks and trails throughout the town emphasize a close-knit community that loves spending time in the outdoors. It’s also indicative of a community where residents can grow to enjoy the company of their neighbors.


Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

Within Ankeny itself and the surrounding area, residents are lucky to have a great selection when it comes to local dining, entertainment, and shopping.


One popular local destination is District 36 where residents can sample freshly made pizza, tasty wings, and other American favorites. This family-owned restaurant has a nice mix of upscale food with a casual dining experience. 


Magee's Irish Pub is another local hangout providing a lunch and dinner menu as well as a late-night menu. This is the perfect destination for young professionals who are looking for a way to unwind at the end of the week. 


For family outings, Fletchers is a popular destination where residents can enjoy a flavorful menu in a casual dining environment. Stroll around Ankeny and the greater downtown Des Moines area and you’ll come across dozens of other restaurants that are sure to satisfy your taste buds. 


When it comes to shopping, there’s plenty to look forward to as well. With downtown Des Moines just a short drive away, the Outlets of Des Moines is a popular destination. Because the area is still being developed, residents can look forward to a local mall that is set to be completed in 2023 as well. Its construction will add to the already great selection of destinations where residents can shop and enjoy their day.


Things to Do

Because Ankeny is a family-friendly environment, you can expect to find plenty of things for all ages, year-round.


One of the most notable events unique to Ankeny is the Pizza Fest. This annual event takes place in the heart of Ankeny and features a wide selection of America's favorite dish, pizza. Spectators can enjoy live music, activities, and of course great pizza. This is a great family fun activity for individuals of all ages to enjoy. 


For those who enjoy the outdoors, Trestle Trail is the place to be. This now decommissioned railroad track is a trail where residents can walk, bike, or explore on horseback. The hallmark of the trial is Trestle Trail Bridge which children and adults of all ages are sure to enjoy.


The FFA Enrichment Center is another great destination and it is where special events are hosted. From corporate events to conferences and trade shows, there are different gatherings going on year-round, plenty of which are open to the public. Toast is another venue hosting annual events for residents and special guests to enjoy as well.



Ankeny is served by the Ankeny Community School District and comprises five elementary schools and two middle schools. However, the Southern portion of the city is served by the Saydel Community School District.


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